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Method of transport Česká Pošta, PPL,DPD 500 CZK The price of transport outside the Czech Republic can be agreed with the seller Point of Sale:: ČR, Praha

ID: 1319 Hugo Boettinger


Lady with a Book


oil canvas, 135x90.5 cm,

framed- frame and painting slightly damaged,


signed in LD


Verified and reviewed

Hugo Boettinger

He was born on 30 April 1880 in Pilsen and died on 9 December 1934 in Prague. He was also known as dr. Desiderius. Painter, graphic designer and cartoonist cartoonist. In 1895-1898 he studied at the School of Applied Arts in Prague under prof. E. K. Liška and F. Jenewein and in 1899-1902 at the Prague Academy of Arts under prof. Pirnera. In 1903-1906 he traveled in France, Belgium, Holland and England. After his return he appeared in the magazines Šibeničky, Nebojsa and Racharu. His cartoons were released as The Caricatures album in 1910 by Otta in Prague. He sent his drawings and cartoons to Lidové noviny, from which whole cycles were created. By 1928 he had also created about 20 ex-libris, of which the group portrait “The Artist and His Friends” excelled. He was a full member of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Arts. Tomanův slovník

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