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ID: 1413 Teodor Rotrekl p>

Girl with a Bouquet

color lithography, print area 25x14 cm,

framed, glazed,

signed in PD


Teodor Rotrekl

He was born on 1 June 1923 in Brno and died on 1 September 2004 in Prague. Graphic artist, designer, painter, illustrator, focusing mainly on the sci-fi genre, but also on children's literature. He was born as Teodor Rothröckel, but in 1950 he got the name Czech. As a boy, he was interested in science, technology and fantastics. He studied at the grammar school and the school of arts and crafts in Brno, in 1942 he continued at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, which he did not finish until 1949 due to war events. and white. In 1954 he joined the Mladá fronta. He has illustrated a number of science fiction novels by Stanislav Lem, František Běhounek and other authors, and has also worked for other publishing houses and magazines. In 1959 he joined the art group Radar, which sought to create modern art against the then preferred socialist realism. In 1970 the group was dissolved. In the 1970s he was forbidden to exhibit his works in Prague galleries due to the rejection of the invasion of Soviet troops. After 1980 he was able to re-publish and devoted himself almost exclusively to sci-fi until his death.

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