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Method of transport Česká Pošta, a.s 400 CZK The price of transport outside the Czech Republic can be agreed with the seller Point of Sale:: ČR, Praha

ID: 2180 John Doe 2005

Masaryk Square in Hodonin

graphic, 29.5x21 cm,

framed, glazed,

original state,

signed and dated

Karel Novák

Academic & yacute; Karel Novak (1915 - 2006) was born in Rohatec. Studied at St & aacute; tn & iacute; pedagogical & eacute; Academy in Brno, after it is completed, it can be completed worked as a teacher at Hodon County and Břeclav. His desire to devote himself to the art and the art of art. could only realize after & iacute; II. world & eacute; v & aacute; lky. Under the leadership of me, she gave you a flock of rushes and scaron; they passed the received mac and i. tested at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts and joined the specialty ln & iacute; & scaron; wheel figures & aacute; ln & iacute; paintings Jakob Obrovsk & eacute; Karla Min. After graduating in & nbsp; r. 1949 settled permanently in the south; Moravia, where he continued in sv & eacute; pedagogical & eacute; activities.

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