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ID: 1788 Ludvik Dobes

Old Man with Pipe

oil carton, 34 x 25 cm

framed, original state < / p>

Signed in LD

Ludvík Dobeš

Born 17 October 10, 1914 and died September 25, 1979. Mal & iacute; landscape & graphic designer. He painted glass and ceramics. After starting; & scaron; bicycle he graduated from art & industrial bicycle in Brno. paintings, but he earned his living as well as occasional work, later he worked as a self-employed person. trade license. After painting, the painting will be painted. donated in r & aacute; mci free & acute; n & iacute ;. He got married in 1937. He created Dobe & scaron; an irreplaceable collection of images to realistically create a variety of images to diversify rural & aacute; from & nbsp; & nbsp;

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